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What Is New World Wine And Should You Have It In Your Wine Rack?

new and old worlld wine‘New World Wine’ is a relatively new term in the wine market and is used to describe wines produced in countries or areas which are not the traditional wine growing regions. These ‘New World Wine’ places could include countries like the United States, Chile, Australia and South Africa for example.

Along with the climate factors distinguishing New and Old World Wines, the difference in philosophies of vintners also makes a difference to the grouping of the wine as New or Old World Wine.

Old World Wine regions tend to use their old tradition which has been used for centuries, emphasising a true distinctiveness focusing on the individual vineyard and the special characteristics of each of them, however you will find New World Wine vintners who rely heavily on stylised winemaking formulas and technological innovation. Through this approach an Old World Wine vintner is able to be in complete control of everything from irrigation of the vineyards to cultured strains of yeast which leaves very little to chance.

So, will your traditional wine rack be full of Old World Wines or will your modern wine rack be full of New World Wines?


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