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Organic Wine Is In High Demand

New Zealand FlagDespite the current global recession it seems that organic wine is becoming increasingly popular across the world. A report form researchers in New Zealand states that the organic sector has grown by approximately 25% over the past three years.

This research emphasises that consumers want organic food and drink as it is something they can trust and enjoy, which is more important further to recent scandals recently reported in the media such as horse meat in burgers and such like. People feel that food or drink with an ‘organic’ label on it means it is something that they can rely on.

Over the past three years research has shown that organic wine has been the fastest growing production sector and the one hundred vineyards in New Zealand make up 7.6% of all vineyards in New Zealand.

It seems that organic dairy products are on the rise for consumers too with an increase of around 33% since 2009. It has also been reported that there are now over three times more organic comminute gardens than there were just five years ago.

Based on this research do we think you will soon have a bottle of organic wine in your wine rack soon? Nope, we think you will have wine racks full of organic wine as this seems to be the new must have for the dinner party!


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