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Creative Uses Of Wine Racks

Creative uses of wine racks

Although the ideal purpose for a wine rack should be to store wines, there are many other ways that you can use a wine rack.

If your old wine rack is worn out and you are planning to replace it then don’t throw it away just yet because it could potentially be used as something more creative and become resourceful even when not being used as a wine rack.  Read on below to find out some of the different creative uses of wine racks and how you can also use a wine rack creatively.

Wine Storage

Well, the most obvious and the most traditional use of a wine rack are to store wine. The small wooden wine racks that you see are only a very limited variety of the vast amount of wine racks available in the market.  You can even use these normal wine racks creatively by decorating them in a diversified manner, select from either the cabin style of decoration or the Tuscan as they are both equally brilliant.

Towel Storage

Since the wine compartments are the ideal size for people to place towels as well, they are a great addition to any bathroom where these old wine racks can be transformed and used as towel storage. These compartments and the wine racks help keep all your towels in place and look neat at the same time.  The towels will need to be folded in a cylindrical manner in order for them to fit in.

Vinegar and Oils Storage

You can simply take your old wine rack and transform it into kitchen storage and place your vinegars and oils for storage purposes. These bottles can be stored in a Tuscan style and are out in the open and can be seen.  It is just like storing wines but you are using it for different purposes, which translates into meaning that you do not have to throw away your old wine rack and can simply use it for this purpose.

Posters and Charts

If you are craftsmen with a great taste of wine and furniture then you can ideally use your old wine racks to store your arts and crafts along with your favorite wines.  Keep in mind that you will need to purchase a wine rack that has considerably deeper holes.

There is always more than one ways to use something and in the case of wine racks, you have a number of options as to how you can use one regardless of whether it is new or used. Make sure to purchase one that blends well with the ambiance of the home and looks amazing and is strong enough to be used for a prolonged period of time.


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