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How to Hang Wine Racks

Wine racks aren’t only useful decorative objects but they are cost-effective and easy to install. You can acquire a good quality wine rack according to your taste and your interior designs and you can easily install it yourself.

Below are some tips to help you install the wine rack within your home.

The first step to hang a wine rack is selecting the right spot. You have to find a wall that doesn’t come across as a hurdle to people who walk around your house. Also, there should be adequate space available on the wall for you to select the exact spot to place the wine rack. Once you have found the spot, next step is to place the rack on the wall so you can mark the screw points.

Use a pencil to mark the spots to insert the screws for the rack. By placing the pencil into the holes, you have to mark the wall carefully so that you don’t have trouble fitting the rack later on. Once done, now is the time to put the rack to one side and drill holes into the marks on the walls. Wear hand gloves and eye protectors to protect your body while using your power drill throughout the drilling process.

Now place the wine rack against the wall, insert the screws in the holes and tighten them up until the rack is firmly placed in the wall and doesn’t require any other support. Once the wine rack has been installed perfectly, add your favourite wine bottles to it.


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