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How many of us remember to clean the wine racks when dusting all of those nooks and crannies around the house? We proudly pull out a bottle of wine from our wine stash but pay less attention to how the remaining bottles and the wine rack has been collecting dust. Sometimes wines are not organized or broken wine racks are not replaced with a new one. In this case a replacement is the first thing to go for. Keeping your wine collection in a clean and organized condition shouldn’t be a thing to debate about but there are some who believe that all the wines can be kept for ages and checking them out from time to time wouldn’t make a difference. For them, this post could be enlightening.

Not all the wines that you have in the cellar on the wine racks would expensive_wine_cellar_racksage well. We do not mean to say you should throw all of them out, but until you know the wine improves with time, do not keep it for very long. Most wines are preferred to be consumed within one month or so of their purchase date. The economical price tags are usually for the wines whose fruit’s freshness has shorter life. Such wines do not possess the concentration to age and they fade in a year or so.

Champagne is usually thought as an item that can be stored for years but the reality is it cannot. Saving the champagne bottle for that indefinable event you have been waiting for that never seems to present itself, would not help in preserving the taste of the champagne. It does not apply to all the champagnes but to most.

Remember, heat can expedite the aging of the wines and sometimes even dry them out, so don’t be surprised if you find your best saved wine bottle empty or with bad taste. The cellars are usually not properly insulated to keep the excessive heat out, thus they mature the wine with much speed than wine collectors expect.

Wine-bottle-and-glass-500-pixelsBy checking out the wine racks from time to time, we can actually come across bottles that we have forgotten about or have only tasted once. A good collection can be labeled or marked with the opening date so that you know the time duration to consume it within. This way those wines that are to be consumed in a few months can be kept on the top and the ones that need to be left for aging could be left right at the bottom of the wine rack. This arrangement would surely save many of your wines from going down the drain and your exquisite purchases could be relished by your family and friends.


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